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PLEASE NOTE–> Our pricing is based on an hourly rate. For example, a product that costs $5000 represents 40 hours of work. All projects can be adjusted based on your requests.
WHAT WE WILL NOT ADJUST–> Our superior keyword research and technical on-page values. That is what sets us apart from our competition.
AS A RESULT–> You will enjoy the most sophisticated digital presence in your marketplace.

8 page custom website with
Local SEO foundation built in

 Available for both brand new website construction as well as for existing website re-designs. We make websites with search engines in mind. Our goal is to rank high in the search engines for your desired keyword phrases. All pages are carefully researched and planned.

The website will have 8 pages; the homepage, the about page, and the contact page will consist of 500 words (per page). The other 5 pages will be targeted toward desired industry-specific keywords and will consist of 1000-1500 words (per page). All pages will be fully equipped on-page SEO content, with an optimized meta title and descriptions.

  • 50+ Mockups To Choose From
  • Built Using WordPress (Elementor and Astra)
  • SEO Friendly on all pages
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Written Copy optimization for search engines
  • Expert level On-Page Optimization across the entire website
  • Properly Structured image and content
  • And much more (see below)

How the process works

30 minute initial phone meeting

We start by understanding your goals. Our phone meeting will define what industry you are in, what keywords are important to your industry, and the search engine optimization (SEO) plan of attack. After purchase, your project manager will coordinate a time that fits your schedule.

Keyword Research And Content Creation

Our content writers will start by researching your industry then they will format the content around that information. Once the keywords have been defined, we will create the content in an easily readable format, while mirroring the desired search engine target keywords.

Internal Revision Metrics

After quality content has been created, our Senior Editors will review the content to ensure it passes our 97-point internal scoring metric. Only then will the content be deemed worthy enough to sit on your website.


This high-quality WordPress site includes 15 pages at 500 words per page. Our website development team integrates the content created by our writers according to our page layout standards. These standards dictate that we must implement the content in a way that is optimal for both search engines to crawl and humans to read. The website will have a home page, an about us page, a contact us page as well as 12 additional pages targeted around specific keyword goals.


We will then begin branding the website. This includes your company logo, company business profile, font, colors, and images provided. The images will either be provided by you or selected from our internal database of high quality images, whichever you prefer.

1st Revision Cycle

Once we’ve completed the branding and content integration, our expert web managers review the first revision prior to submitting it to you for review. The draft website is hosted on our internal servers and is not for public view at this time. Your designated project manager will now submit the website draft for your review.

At this point you can take as long as you’d like to review all aspects of your new website.

 Common changes include but are not limited to:

  • Removal of sections
  • Color scheme
  • Font
  • Image Changes
  • Content Integration
  • Social Media Links

Project Manager collaboration

Either via email or via telephone (or both) your project manager will be in charge of learning what (if anything) you want changed on the website. Your project manager will coordinate a time to talk about the website that works for your schedule.

Implementation of your desired changes

Your project manager will convey your wishes to the website development team and they will perform the necessary changes to the website.

2nd Revision Cycle

After the website development team has made the changes you decide on, your project manager will send you the new version for your approval. If necessary another meeting will be scheduled. 

Pre-Launch Quality Assurance

Once any final revisions have been completed, our Quality Assurance takes over. The quality assurance team performs an in-depth review of all aspects of your website. The QA team will now focus on several different aspects of the technical build as well as overall mobile-friendliness and responsivity on all modern browsers and devices.

Website Migration

Once our QA team and final stage developers complete the Quality Assurance process, we then begin migrating the site to your hosting provider. During this period, our developers will require access to your website hosting provider in order to put your new website on to the server. At this point the new website is launched.

Post-Launch Quality Assurance And Handover

At this stage your website has been successfully migrated and is live. Our Quality Assurance team will go through your website once more to ensure it is fully functional.

This product covers all the essentials your website needs to rank and drive traffic. Our SEO experts build your online presence in your local community through using geo-centric keywords, producing locally relevant content, building citations on local niches and directories, business listings, and optimization on aggregators and directories. We focus on your website from a technical and end-reader perspective by providing you with up to 40 hours of dedicated work from our Digital Marketers, Writers, Editors and Webmasters. In short, we create an online environment for your business to thrive in, and we help you gain attention from your local customers and peers.

What’s Included:

  • A beautiful mobile friendly website
  • Home page = 500 words (approximately)
  • About page = 500 words (approximately)
  • Contact page = 500 words (approximately)
  • 5 additional pages (TARGETED)= 1000-1500 words each
  • Keyword Research (Detailed)
  • URL Structure optimization
  • Written Copy optimization
  • On Page Optimization (proper meta descriptions)
  • Link Structure Optimization
  • XML Site map creation
  • SSL Certificate Installation (on 99% of sites)


  • txt file verification 
  • Image Alt text validation
  • Spider related meta
  • Broken link repair
  • 301 Redirect repair
  • Google My Business Creation/Revisions
  • Yelp Listing Creation/Revisions
  • Bing Local Creation/Revisions
  • Yellow Pages Creation/Revisions
  • Local Schema Markup
  • 5 Relevant Business Listings
  • 10 Relevant Directories Listings
  • Additional Site specific tasks as warranted

Our SEO campaigns start with a 30-minute intake call for us to make sure we completely understand the goal of your project and optimize our efforts to deliver the utmost return on investment.

We do an extensive audit of your website to detect and prioritize all issues that can prevent performance and activities that help achieve goals.

Our experts start by creating/editing your Google My Business profile and strengthen your online presence through listing creations. Through dedicated research and experience our experts make sure your website is listed on the most impactful directories and listings. Then our experts will optimize your Yelp, Bing, and Yellow Pages listings.

Our highly trained team of writers, editors, and webmasters will diligently work to optimize the most important issues of your website in terms of technical SEO and copywriting, including sitemaps and robots.

Our writers and editors will create 8 pages of high-quality SEO optimized content. All of the on-page content that we create will find the perfect balance between user experience and your business goals.

Meta Titles & Descriptions are one of the most basic factors for ranking and directly correlate to the number of people who will select your result from the search engine’s result page. Our SEO Specialists and Writers will optimize all 8 pages of your website.

Throughout the campaign we will add schema elements to the code within your website in order for search engines to have a better understanding of the content. This will help search engines display key contact information such as location, phone, email and operating hours.

Local Social Media Marketing
$999 (Monthly)

This package offers an end to end service that handles everything from creating/augmenting your existing profile on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by creating and deploying 13 engaging social posts per month.

Please note, this package does not include a paid promotions budget for boosted posts. We recommend an additional budget of $100 (minimum) to be used exclusively on boosting posts. This monthly budget can changed as the client deems appropriate.


We set up tracking programs within Facebook as well as content generation for these social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We then move into cross posting existing content on these channels.

  • Page promotion
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased traffic
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Lead generation
  • 13 posts per month (approximately 1 post every 2-3 days) the posts are published on Facebook, then the posts are cross posted onto Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Up to 8 posts can be boosted monthly. The content will run as sponsored posts with placements on Facebook, Messenger, and Facebook’s Audience Network.
  • Up to 5 Hyper-targeted audiences
  • Social media assessment
  • Social media content plan
  • Social media insights report

Here is how the process works

30 minute initial phone meeting

We start by understanding your goals. Our phone meeting will define several specific aspects of your business. After purchase, your project manager will coordinate a time that fits your schedule.

Social Media Assessment

Below are the requirements necessary to effectively start the social media campaign.

  • Employee access to Facebook Business Manager (if available)
  • Admin Access to Facebook Page (if already existing)
  • Advertiser Access to Facebook Ad Account
  • LinkedIn Company Page Access
  • Twitter Credentials
  • Brand Guidelines (if any)
  • Product or Service Photos (if any)

Social Media Assessment

We carefully audit your existing social media pages (if applicable) and provide you with initial recommendations on how to improve the existing page visibility.

Social Media Playbook Creation

This will establish the tone of (digital) voice to use, the products and services that we will talk about, also the brand persona will be established here. An audience profile and projected reach as well as projected results of any future boosted posts will be estimated here (based on the given paid advertising budget). This playbook will be updated every month and will serve as a collaboration tool as the campaign continues.

Insights and Monitoring

Your social media pages will be checked daily for comments and messages. Monthly Reports include analysis of the prior month’s results and determine the changes we will make for the next month based on the data collected.

Advanced Targeting

We hyper-target audiences on Facebook to reach the users who are most likely interested in your product or service

Monthly Revisions

We upload fresh content 5 days before the next month begins. This content is available for your inspection inside your dashboard account. This allows for you to see your content and suggest revisions before it gets published to your social media profiles.

SSL Certificate and installation

Additional website page created & installed (1000-1500 words)
$500 each

Additional "Flex" Hour
(1 billable hour)
$125 each

SEO Bronze

Article 1500 words, purposefully written

Article 1000 words, purposefully written

Article 500 words, purposefully written

E-comm and Google Analytics setup

Email signature file
(for company)

Design of company Logo
(like ours)
($499 )

Creation of
landing page

Cleanup of old links

Cleanup of old links

Cleanup of old links

Proper google tag manager installed

Google analytics goals setup + TY page

Big PPC +
set up fee
($1999 monthly + 999)

Medium PPC +
set up fee
($1499 monthly + 999)

SmAll PPC +
set up fee
($999 monthly + 999)

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