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Frequently Asked Questions

Click to “buy now”  through the button on this website right now. We will open the file and assess the market with the first $200. We will discuss how best to spend the other $800 at the meeting.

Immediately upon purchase you will be placed in our internal intake process. Then, you will then be contacted by your project manager via email to set up your meeting

Yes, absolutely! That is how we rank your website for organic search. Relevant content that matches the searcher’s intent is the cornerstone of our approach. Extensive keyword research precedes content creation. Each unique aspect of content is designed to rank for multiple search queries.

Yes. Optimizing for both is important. The human reader is ultimately determining the buying decision. For example; if the human types in a search query of “buy apples in Kalamazoo” we need to provide a relevant article about where they can find Kalamazoo apples to buy. Equally as important however, is the fact that we need to properly optimize that page about Kalamazoo apples for sale for the search engines to read. This allows the human reader to select our desired page and engage with a call to action. In the apple scenario a “BUY NOW” button on every page (generally speaking) allows the human reader to purchase the apples right from their phone (or other device).

Yes. The reason that we follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines is because Google has literally given us some of the answers to the test. So we do utilize all written communication that Google corporate releases. The information relates to what they want to see on their search engine.

Your input is key! We like to get a very clear picture on day one of what you want to achieve and we then create your website accordingly. We blend your picture with our conversion know-how. Ultimately, you want the future users of your website to convert into revenue. We advise you to let us use proven strategies on your website guided by your vision. Generating revenue through proven industry standards is our desired collaborative outcome.

Yes absolutely. We utilize Google analytics to determine if a specific website has more desktop users and we make necessary changes to the design. However, the mobile friendliness needs to be in place on 100% of websites that are created in today’s world.

There is a rhythm to it. You can’t just force feed Google 300 pages all at once and accomplish our collaborative objective. We like to ‘drip’ the content- first to the website then (ideally) we push that content to your social networks and let the market take over from there. Ideally, the market should be given a period of time to digest the content before another push is deployed.

Yes. We take that data, repurpose it, and then distribute it inside of our dashboard. We set up (or gain access to existing) Google Analytics for every website we work on.

It depends on market factors currently in play when we streamline your digital operations. Many of our customers see a positive result within the first several weeks. However, those results are typically only attainable if the level of competition allows for us to manipulate (ethically) the rankings within Google. The content needs to be released in a time-table that Google desires. Most of our customers experience a significant increase in rankings about 3 to 6 months after signing up to work with us.

A key factor in accomplishing the collaborative objective includes not alerting your market competitors to what we’re doing. As a result we do not disclose our clients and their web properties to the public.

Facebook ads can be incredibly profitable as can Google PPC ads.  The idea that you can target people on a specific street who earn a specific amount of money to visit a specific type of website with a specific message tailored just for them is awesome. Advertising executives in the 1970s could only dream of such a tool.   Facebook ads work incredibly well but they have to be done correctly and they are not cheap. We will work with you to strategically implement your Facebook ads with a positive ROI outcome.

Yes.  Even if you are in a local services industry that doesn’t have a very tech savvy crowd, blog content is valuable. Blog pages rank for longtail keyword searches and serve as an important outlet for relevant, quality-rich content for the searcher.

What social networks are used by your market? If your desired customer typically utilizes twitter, then focus your social media efforts on Twitter. The same is true for all other social networks. 

It certainly can be. Ideally, a prospective client visits your website and then signs up for your email list.  Prospects are more likely to sign up for your email list in exchange for something.  For example, our service offers a 4 page computer generated pdf tailored to the prospect’s unique website in exchange for an email address. Email marketing helps to keep your business fresh in the mind of the prospect. 

PPC stands for pay per click and it is Google’s main advertising revenue source.  These ads can be very effective and you can make a high return on your investment, but you must be precise. Though paid advertisements can be very effective and is something we offer, they are a one-time payoff. A far better solution is to have a strong bed of content designed to rank for specific searches that rank organically in the Search Engine Results Pages. Content based marketing is likely to provide results for years to come and is, in most cases, a better use of your initial digital marketing dollars.

We analyze your needs and current rankings for desired terms. Let’s assume you are currently ranking in positions number 6 for the desired search phrase.  We then analyze who is in positions 1-5 and, more importantly, why. Then we look for ways to optimize your website and implement those updates. 

Yes, absolutely! Your existing website in many cases has a trust factor that’s been applied to it by Google. That trust is something that can be leveraged.  Your website is typically ranking for a number of search terms on the first page of the search engines.  The google trust score for an existing website will be able to assist us in determining the best way to proceed.  Rarely does an existing website need to be completely replaced -most of the time it is in your best interest to have us rebuild several different sections of the existing website.

Over the past seven years we have worked with hundreds of different clients in several different industries in an effort to streamline digital marketing and web properties.

The keywords we target match searcher intent. Placing at the top of search queries is the entire objective.  Keywords directly correlate to increased rankings in organic search queries. We use paid tools to allow us to hyper-focus a specific segment or sub segment of the buying keywords that your customers are searching for.

Yes, of course! There is no reason why you couldn’t work with us if you live across the country or even across the world. We would simply meet during video conference.  We live in a digital age and we are a digital company – our reach is limitless!

Schema markup language is a code, an HTML code. This code is designed to digitally communicate information about your specific website with search engines.  This code allows Google to include your site in geo-targeted search queries.

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